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Words matter

Hannequart Translations helps you connect with a new target audience through constructive and compelling communication.

Poorly translated material would stain your company’s reputation both locally and internationally. Prevent this from happening by investing in a professional translation provider.

Here at Hannequart Translations, my job is to verify the consistency of your content’s quality and ensure that the image you want to project to attract potential clients and stakeholders is fulfilled, so that your company maintains its high reputation across other languages.

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… into my native French

Come on board with me to enhance your company’s success on an international scale!

How using a qualified translator can help
your business

Build trust among your clients.

Leaving your content in the hands of a qualified translator is one of the key elements to engage your audience and maintain the reputation of your company abroad. A flawless text in your client’s native language helps you convey a professional and trustworthy impression, whereas an approximative translation might result in lost credibility and consequently, significant financial losses.

Attract new opportunities and an international clientele.

Having your material translated into French opens the door to a new potential market and helps you attract international clients. Whether you need translation services for your content, machine translation post-editing for a natural-sounding text or proofreading services for a better impact on potential clients, I will be your bridge to a wider audience and new business opportunities.

Overcome language barriers and build better relationships with your customers

Translators help significantly in overcoming any language barriers. I combine linguistic skills with meticulous terminological research and a culture-oriented understanding of your target audience, to certify that your clients are heard and that nothing hinders you and your client’s communication.

Fields of specialisation


“Catherine has worked with us in a highly demanding work environment and quickly became an extremely valuable and trustworthy co-worker. Her outstanding efficiency lies in excellent translation and writing skills associated with an empathic, hard-working spirit.”

Stefano Dominioni
Executive Secretary, Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (Council of Europe) Director, European Institute of Cultural Routes

« Catherine, with whom we have been working for several years, is as serious as she is competent, she takes the greatest care of her work and always respects the deadlines announced. In addition, her relationship is pleasant and she is constantly seeking to meet the particular requirements of the translation field concerned. Catherine is worthy of trust and she has all of ours. »

Patrick Masson
Managing Director, Maison P. Jobin & Cie

« Catherine has worked with the Joint Programme of the Council of Europe and the European Union “Routes4U” on the translation of communication and promotion material. Her excellent linguistic and translation skills on French, Italian and English significantly contributed to the success of a series of publications. She is extremely reliable, well-organized and efficient, never failing to meet a deadline or project output and always delivering excellent results. »

Constanze Metzger
Senior Project Officer, Council of Europe

« Catherine is efficient and serious. Her work is meticulous. She evidently possesses the necessary skills for translation, namely mastery of grammar and syntax, but she also has a valuable technical palette for professional work. »

Ludovic Maillard
Training Manager, Maison P. Jobin & Cie